Friday, March 6, 2009

Mission Memories

A group of California Sacramento Mission missionaries gathered with our guest speaker Father Athanasios Paul, a Orthodox priest and friend who came to speak at one of our zone conferences. Elder Nikandrov and his companion met Father Paul one day while tracting. Father Paul's grandson, Chris, was baptized and eventually served a mission to Uruguay. Father Paul visited us, the Hansen's, after our return home in both Salt Lake City and St. George. Father Paul asked to have both Elder Nikandrov and Sister Vaikus in this picture since they were from Latvia and Russia. Unfortunately, most of our mission photos are not digital even though the office elders were always saying......"Sister Hansen, you need to use your digital camera." My reply was, "Elders, I don't have time to learn how....the mission is much too busy for learning computer/camera stuff." How I wish I had listened to the very wise office elders!


  1. Ah, Father Paul! When is he going to get baptized?

  2. I'm from Georgia and served in San Bernardino, CA. My companion and I gave Father Paul a blessing and taught him around the time his grandson was getting ready to go on a mission. He's such an great man. Has anybody heard anything about him lately, I can't get in touch with him.