Thursday, April 2, 2009

General Conference and Reunion Time

Dear Friends,

March was a whirlwind and April so far looks more lake February as the daffodils are trying to make their way through several inches of new snow! The good news is I will dash to the slopes for one more outing one day next week. I will go alone as President Hansen does not ski, especially with less than two weeks to the Boston Marathon which he will run on April 20th.

We dop hope you have an opportunity to enjoy General Conference this weekend and also hope to see many of you at our reunion tomorrow evening. It is an open house, 6:30 to 9:00, casual dress, light refreshments. We are excited to visit and look forward to hearing about what is new in your life.

Our wonderful senior couple, Elder and Sister Myers, recently made a trip to Sacramento for the baptism of a man who they began teaching over three years ago. They were thrilled to see the blessings that have come to him and his family as he prepared for baptism. I tried to post a couple of pictures of the Myers at the baptism with their friends Mark and Hillary but was unsuccessful.

As a missionary, in the midst of the hard work and sometimes disappointment, the seeds that are being planted and will someday come to fruition are not obvious. This experience was a wonderful "payback" for Elder and Sister Myers.

Many of you have shared with us your experiences of staying in touch with your converts. We think that is wonderful because lifelong friends and associations are forged. You can also continue to strenthen and encourage them in the gospel.

Take special care and we send our love,

President and Sister Hansen

P.S. Since my photos of the Myers would not upload I decided to add a little color and life to this post with a couple of pictures of a family outing to the Sugar Bowl in January. Miles, our son who is in Tajikistan for 11 months, was not able to join his dad, brothers and sis. I stayed in Dallas so I could enjoy our three little granddaughters for a few days. I did watch the game on TV and enjoyed cheering our team on to victory! GO UTES!

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