Friday, March 6, 2009

One Month and Counting

Dear Friends,

Where did February go and the first several days of March as well? One day it is March 1 and the next thing we know the first week is almost gone! The two of us are really looking forward to our Mission Reunion on Friday April 3, 2009. We decided to once again have an openhouse at our home. That gives us all time to visit and is more flexible in case you have other plans for the evening as well. Casual dress. Light refreshments.

The details will be posted in the Deseret News, Salt Lake City Newspaper in the March 30th or 31st edition. We plan to start at 6:30 and go to 9:00 PM. We could use some help with refreshments and if that is something you can help with please email us at . You can also contact Sevak Tsaturyan for details as well at .

We hope this finds you all well and moving forward or shall we say "Onward and Upward!"

President is running alot these days getting ready for the Moab half marathon later this month and the big one.........Boston Marathon April 20. We have enjoyed hearing from many of you these past few weeks and are always pleased to hear about your families, school, work and other endeavors.

Kurt Francom contacted us a few days ago and told us he was headed to Las Vegas to baptize an man whose family he and his companion taught and baptized in Sacramento. He wanted to let us know that "your missionaries are still baptizing!" Indeed, that was exciting news. Grant Anderson came by to let us know that he has been accepted to a doctoral program at MIT and Michael Bower sent an email recently with several possible logos for his new security system company in the Pacific Northwest. Brad Carmack came by for a good visit with a very nice, pretty girl in tow. Danny Adams emailed to check in and let us know that he and his wife have their first baby on the way. We also enjoyed a long phone chat with Heather Johnson recently. Jeff Johnson called to check in and let us know that he and Karletta were moving to of all places.........Sacramento and wanted our opinion as to what area of the city we would choose to live in. Most definitely Folsom was our reply. We are always pleased and grateful to hear of your successes and our hearts are heavy and our prayers available when you also share your challenges and heartaches.

We were thinking recently back to the time just before we left to serve in Sacramento. At that point it seemed we were leaving behind family -- children, grandchildren, parents, extended family and friends not to mention a business and other things. But in going to Sacramento our lives have been so enriched and blessed by our association with each of you. The Lord always stands ready to bless and guide and give to us more than we can really comprehend. Sometimes it just requires us being willing to step forward, trusting that He will provide for and guide us.

We hope to see you in April. Take special care and always remember the Lord loves you and so do we!

President and Sister Hansen

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