Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coming Up For Air....

This will be short and sweet with a promise for a real post soon. Isn't there something in the scriptures about not running faster than you have strength? That's kind of where I have been lately and some things have been neglected (i.e. this blog). School starts tomorrow and I can't believe the summer is gone! The months, July and August slipped right by without nary a post only a few random thoughts that I needed to get something on the blog.

Hope you all had an enjoyable summer. We enjoyed some good times with our family when everyone was in town except our missing four, Justin, Brenley and their two youngsters Jorgen and Shelley who spent the summer in Malaysia. We missed them so much. Miles and Siena returned from their year in Tajikistan and I turned in my TJK calling card for a Malaysian calling card. Justin did an internship with an international company and will return for his second year in Stanford's MBA program.

We were pleased to hear from some of you. Elder Nikandrov sent a graduation announcement and the picture included was of him holding his brand new son and daughter........twins! WE now have several missionaries who are parents of twins.......four sets I can think of right this minute! If I can find the picture (we are remodeling our house and it is a MESS!!) and figure out how to scan it I will put it on this post.

I am an advisor to a Lamba Delta Sigma sorority at the U of U Intstitute and it is fun. The girls are wonderful but it takes alot of time. RUSH is this week and we have something on the calendar every single day. It is a great program and I think the principles/values of Sisterhood, Spirituality, Scholarship and Service are absolutely so timely and inspired.

Your mission president is busy as ever being bishop and it is exciting because we have so many of our young men either on missions or leaving very soon. He has really made that a focus and the Lord is blessing our ward abundantly. We will soon have about 13 missionaries out and our ward is not a large ward.

Hope you are all still having your own personal missionary experiences. For those of you in Utah wasn't the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication today wonderful? The Spirit was so strong and we were very inspired by the talks and focus on the blessings of the temple and temple work for the living (that's us) and dead (our ancestors).

For those of you still in school hope this year gets off to a great start and for the rest of you we also hope that all is well in your life.
P.S. I couldn't scan and download the picture of Elder Nikandrov and his twins so I attached on of a friend we met in of the locals.

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