Friday, January 16, 2009

A New Year a New Beginning

Dear Friends,

This blog is going to take the place of Thanks to Daniel Veibell and his efforts we will once again be able to communicate. Keeping in touch with all of you is important to us!

Please help us get the word out to any former missionaries, you may have served with and are still in touch with via "Facebook" or any other means, that we now have a blog. We plan to post at least once a month, as close to the first day as possible, and it will be fun to receive your comments. Daniel has promised to teach us how to more fully utilize our blog and we look forward to connecting with all of you again.

We do have a mission reunion on the calendar for Friday April 3, 2009. Sevak Tsaturyan is helping us get that organized. Please send your current contact information to Sevak at so he can compile a current directory. For future reference anytime you have a change of contact information please email us at .

We enjoy hearing from many of you and we do hope that 2009 has gotten off to a great start for you and yours. More than anything we want you and your families to enjoy all the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for each of you. Serving with you in the California Sacramento mission was one of the great experiences and blessing in our life, a true privilege.

Remember the Lord loves you and so do we!

President and Sister Hansen


  1. I am very glad you put this together! Blogging is a lot of fun! Elder Ballard came to BYU-Idaho last April and spoke about the importance of letting our voices be heard across the internet through blogging and bearing our testimonies! I took his challenge and it has helped me out a lot to stay in the right path by holding me more accountable. Check it out and please comment anytime:

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  3. For those of us who have blogs of our own... or that our wives do perhaps... maybe we could have links up on the side of the page here so others can see what we're up to.
    Andy Westover